June 17, 2024

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What is an Email Service Provider and Its Benefits

Email is the most effective way to communicate digitally, especially for businesses. By 2025, the number of emails sent per day is expected to reach 378 billion. 

Thus, communicating professionally about your Australia-based company’s marketing campaigns and customers and intra-organisation communication is challenging without having a custom domain email address.

However, to buy Domain and Web Hosting for your email, you need a reliable Australia Email Hosting Provider who will allow you to build easily manageable and effective communication.

So, let’s find out the benefits of choosing Email Hosting Providers in Australia.

What is an Email Service Provider?

An Email Service Provider (ESP) is a company that offers email services designed to create email accounts to manage and send large volumes of emails in one go on behalf of businesses.

Email Services providers offer a wide range of tools, features and functionalities to streamline your email marketing, improve deliverability, and enhance the overall email experience for businesses and customers.

Benefits of an Email Service Provider (ESP)

1. Improved Email Deliverability

According to a study by Return Path, only 79% of commercial emails worldwide reach subscribers’ inboxes, while the remaining 21% may end up in spam folders or go undelivered. 

Thus for the success of any email marketing campaign, high email deliverability is necessary.

And here, the ESPs come into play, utilise advanced deliverability techniques and tools and maintain strong relationships with Internet Service Providers to ensure that emails reach the intended recipients’ inboxes and deliverability rates will be optimised.

2. Infrastructure And Scalability

Managing an extensive email campaign can put a lot of strain on the business Infrastructures. 

So here, the ESPs come with the necessary first structure and resources to handle your email host and distribution at a large scale. 

They have dedicated servers and flexible resources, which ensure the timely delivery of a high volume of emails.

3. Email Personalisation And Segmentation

According to the study, personalised emails have a 29% higher open rate and 41% higher CTR than generic emails. 

So ESP platform offers personalisation and segmentation features such as subscriber lists based on various factors such as demographic, preferences, and past interactions for email campaigns. 

As a result, businesses can create target and relevant content that will resonate with recipients, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

4. Automation And Workflow

Another critical advantage of ESP is the feature of automation which allows businesses to create automatic email workflows and trigger emails based on specific actions and events, such as welcome emails, birthday offers and more.

This automation saves time and effort while ensuring consistent communication with subscribers leads to higher customer engagement and nurturing leads.

5. Analytics And Reporting

Businesses need to analyse whether their hard work will reap the benefits or not. And it can be ensured by Email Hosts’ comprehensive analytics and reporting features which give the numbers of open dates, ctr, conversions and subscriptions.

It will help them to better understand their business, subscriber behaviour and more, which helps them to refine your strategies to optimise future campaigns.


Collaborating with the best Email Hosting providers will help the business to leverage the multiple benefits mentioned above or more. 

In addition, it will empower the business to manage its marketing campaign and customer engagement effectively. 

As a result, you can see the data drive one outcome and have a solid and effective email presence.

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