February 5, 2023

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How To Design An SEO-Friendly Website That Ranks Well

When you are running a website, investing in Search Engine Optimization is always a good thing since bringing in some natural clicks on your website to bring you up to the search engine rankings. This would help other people find your website. A big factor in having an SEO-friendly website is actually concentrating on the website and its responsiveness since there are a lot of benefits of responsive web design for your website. Here are some tips about how to design an SEO-friendly website that ranks well and how to improve the SEO ranking of a website.

Tips for Creating an SEO-Friendly Site

1. Optimizing Header Tags

Header tags are part of your website and would be able to help search engines better understand the contents of your page and help you with your ranking in search engines. 


Adding keywords that would basically sum up the article or the content of your website would really help, so put that keyword on your title. In doing this, it would help Google with the algorithm and make sure your content and your website are ranked up there. 


You could use different font sizes to help break sections up and help the readers know which part of the content is which and what topic you are talking about.

2. Responsive design

There are a lot of challenges when you are designing your website, including the responsiveness of your design. You have to know what makes the website successful and all of the elements that you may need to make it grow. You have to make sure that the design of your website is able to adapt to any of the devices that it may be opened in. 


Electronic devices come in so many different sizes, so ensuring that your website would be able to fit in their screen while making sure that it’s not affecting the quality and performance of the whole website is important to make sure that the people who are visiting your site are not having a hard time using it. And when they are having a hard time, they would click off and go to another site.

3. Meta descriptions

When you look at search engines, you would see this small paragraph, typed in small font that would give you a great idea of what the article is generally about. It’s like a small sneak peeks of what they may find when they click on the article. This is what meta description is. 


When you are putting meta descriptions, you have to make sure that the meta description is accurate to the actual content that it is describing relevant, and fill in the information that they are looking for. 


Meta descriptions usually have 150 characters before the rest of the words are cut off by three dots so you have to make sure that all of the information that they may need to be compelled to click on your content. To avoid any awkward cutting, summarize it effectively.


4. Valuable keywords

When you are putting out content relating to your products or services, adding valuable keywords to them would help pull in some traffic to your website, which would then lead to more people putting in engagement to your site. 


All of their valuable keywords would lead to your page, so you have to choose your topic, add the relevant keyword, then scatter those keywords throughout the article. 


When you are choosing the type of keyword that you would put, you have to put your focus on long-tail keywords and make it specific. Create blogs, articles, infographics, videos, pictures, and maybe even memes to pull in more people of the ages that you are targeting with those valuable keywords.

5. Internal linking

Take advantage of internal linking so that the people who end up looking at the content in your website would be able to find other content relating to your site to help them find anything that may engage more in your site.


You have to remember that search engines would not always be able to see all of the content that you bring out, so internally linking it would help your visitors find more from you. Make sure that you don’t randomly add the links though, use internal linking correctly. Use anchor texts to help you with that.


Focusing on creating your website more SEO-friendly would be able to pull in more traffic to your site and help you rank up to the search engine rankings. Putting in investment to your SEO would be an advantage in the long run.